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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Science can be a scary thing, if we get too used to a status quo. Since I've had memory I've heard people saying -regarding scientific and technological advances- 'what is the world coming to' or 'what will they invent next'. The only constant answer to that question is that we are an every changing race, for better or worse. Getting used to that idea, and learning to move forward with the rest of the human race is definitely key to delaying the deprecation of our functions as individuals.

One of the subjects Ive always been interested in is how does that affect information. When I decided to study computers, I felt that the knowledge I would acquire during University would probably be obsolete not long after I graduated. In many ways it has been so, and we keep speeding up which may make this a more evident reality soon. That's why we have to keep redefining what we should be learning. I think this video exposes very interesting ideas on this subject. Enjoy.


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