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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Montrealized pictures

We had a very important companion for our trip to montreal: Gumby! (gomosito pa los hispanos) He made the car trip so much more enjoyable :D

And, after chasing the Fall Peak in oakville, it turns out it was waiting for us here in montreal, what do you know...

Not really as high as El Avila, but Mont Royal does offer a nice view of the city, despite the fog and rain...

Now these two look like tiny anime characters, dont they?

Isnt she the camera woman from The March of the Penguins?

Definition of Camera Shy:

Now this is Notre Dame Cathedral, old Montreal...

Chinatown. I wonder how they spell Putine in mandarin...

Somewhere near the port, posing again. Very near the Excalibur store, where they had amazing masks, great medieval clothing and swords.

This wolkswagen has nothing to do with dani, with us, with montreal. Frankly, I have no Idea why dani looks so excited to be there. But she looks funny, so I had to take the picture.


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