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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The 30+5 rule

I struggle with staying focused, just like many of you do. I get distracted very easily, fall into a rabbit hole, and by the time I realize, Ive lost an hour or two and achieved pretty much nothing.

I am determined to change this.

Borrowing from a couple inspiring sources, Ive decided to adopt the 30+5 rule. That is, I focus on one task and only one task for 30 minutes, and then take a 5 minute break. During those 30 mins, I avoid all distractions: email, twitter, gtalk, phone. During my five minute break, I do something completely different. I check email, twitter, and most importantly, Ill get up and take a quick walk. Moving brings blood back to my brain and awakes my muscles. It helps me think.

(I'll be right back)

Back. Oh, yes, another thing I can do with those five minutes? write a short post. See if I can revive this blog that's been in limbo for so long.

In four minutes Ill go back to my 30 minutes of focused work. And it will be very productive. You see, I can focus very well during short periods of time, even if what Im doing is not the most fun thing in the world.

For now, the 30+5 rule seems to be working. I get more done during the day and I go home more satisfied with my output, which allows me to relax and separate work from the rest of my life.

I wonder how many people have the same near-ADD problem I do. And how many have no issues staying focused all day long.

How about you? what do you do to stay productive during the day and go home ready to forget about work?