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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Long time friendship

I remember starting my friendship with her a long time ago. My first memories of her take place in my early years, and they have something to do with looking and later reading books and taking walks in the park, finding weird bugs and watching birds. A kid's fascination is always so colorful, so pure...

And then it happened. My school years kicked in and for some reason I stopped liking her. I guess I did not have enough time, and that made it really hard to understand her. Everybody knew, though, I was bounded to her in levels I could not even begin to imagine. I knew too. But I didn't care much. It's incredible how you get used to an idea that can survive for years, even when you change so much that you barely resemble who you were. And so I grew avoiding her. Little did I know.

Who would have thought it would be here that I would find her again. Of all the places in the world, Ottawa. Of all the moments in my life, now. I guess she has always been close waiting for me to open up my eyes and see. Finding her made me go back to those childish years, where she looked so simple and so mysterious... Now I am different, I know better, and I've discovered a completely new dimension of beauty in her. Her complexity and perfection amazes me now more than I had ever imagined.

I'm not sure what future we have ahead, but I promise to give you more time. Though I will try to understand you sometimes, I will enjoy even more the simple pleasure of discovering your incredible perfection. I'm not sure I can do much for you, other than being part of your infinite dance.

Thanks for always being there, my dear Biology. Not that you ever had any other chance, right?


Anonymous Betty said...

Chamoooooooo, al principio me asusté, pensé que te habías reencontrado con alguna vieja novia o algo así, que te había movido el piso y removido los recuerdos.
Sudé frio y todo...
De dónde sacaste esa foto?
Sabías que esa es la "flor de cera" que tenemos enredada en la reja que va hacia el estacionamiento? Es espectacular, cuando no ha abierto la flor es rosadita lisa, parece artificial, de plástico y cuando abre muestra otro colorido, muy bella.
Besos para los dos

Friday, November 03, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Navidad, navidad, linda navidad...

Monday, November 06, 2006


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